Useful Information

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TAADA and the Fire Ant Frolic subcommittee are very pleased to present our 23rd annual dance weekend. We are looking forward to dancing and visiting with you!

View last year’s schedule. We are in the process of planning interesting workshops, dance sessions and after parties. Check back for more details as they develop.

We are very happy to be back at the beautiful ballroom at the Texas Federation of Women’s Club Mansion located at the corner of West 24th and San Gabriel Streets (2312 San Gabriel Street, Austin, Texas 78705).

Parking will be available. Check back for maps and other details.

Please indicate on your online registration if you would like to use local hospitality or contact There are many hotels near the dance venue which may be found with your favorite search engine. Or … if you are in town and have a room or even floor space, please indicate that on your online registration or contact Thank you!

There are many unique and interesting eateries within walking distance or a short drive from the Fed.


Help protect our Floor. Help protect our Floor. Clean, soft-soled, non-marking shoes make for better dancing and happier facility directors who will invite us back again next year!!

Reduce your carbon footprint! Consider bringing your own hot coffee mug and/or closed water bottle to use throughout the weekend.

This is a fragrance free event. Please avoid wearing strong fragrances, including cologne, lotions, after-shave and other products. Many of our dancers have allergies and sensitivities to these hidden chemicals. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

It takes a village. Finally we are always looking for more helpers. If you can take a turn at the registration table, sweeping or are able to bring snacks or a brunch item please contact our volunteer coordinator at

Most important…
HAVE FUN! See you soon.